Sunday, January 3, 2016

Trump: "Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama"...a propaganda arrow straight to the heart.

ha ha....this dude is pulling out ALL the stops...he is gonna crush the opposition....he is vicious...I don't believe what he is saying, obviously, but this guy is gonna win...he goes for the throat every time, and completely without remorse or consideration for factual niceties.

He is a machine, a propaganda machine of destruction and conquest!

"Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama"??


That sentence is an incredibly brilliant encapsulation of the angst and fear and outrage and bewilderment of the american white working class.

"Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama"??
That is an incredible sentence. Almost certainly factually wrong, of course. But as a red meat morsel tossed to the white working class, it is an absolute brilliant gem of campaign propaganda.

"Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama"...
Elegant, eloquent, spare, parsimonious, lean and mean---a propaganda arrow straight to the heart.


I don't think anyone can stop Trump.

Friday, January 1, 2016

NFL draft strategies for teams

unless you are a team with the number one choice and there is a really really good college QB available, I think that drafting a QB high in the first round is not a good choice.

QBs are too hit and miss in the draft. Too many qb's drafted high and not paying off.

The first round draft choice should be offensive linemen and defensive players. Teams should always draft at least one qb in the later rounds, even if you have a franchise qb already. You should always be developing qb's. And most teams should also sign at least one QB as an undrafted free agent.

Wide receivers? Concentrate on the free agent market. WRs typically take a couple years to develop. Otherwise draft WRs in the second round or later. In general. If you are going to draft a WR high, go for the tall WRs with good athletics. Slot receivers with good discipline are underrated, as are TE's.

The game is won in the trenches. Concentrate on linemen in the first round, especially offensive line. Also, if you have a good high-character defense player available in the first round, that is good. Poor-character defensive players in the first round? A risk. But drafting a QB in the first round is an even bigger risk. The biggest risk.

Do not draft RBs. Sign them undrafted.

trump's path to win via delegate allocation

much of the media is counting on a brokered gop convention, hoping that the establishment can knock him out there.
But I think trump can get enough delegates to avoid a brokered convention or at least have enough votes to buy off another candidate for his/her endorsement.
Here is where trump is weak and strong:

The really interesting states are the ones where there is a hybrid delegation allocation:

definition of Hybrid: State will follow some form of winner-take-most plan (i.e.: winner-take-all by congressional district) or directly elects delegates on the primary ballot.

So those hybrid states could allow trump to take most or all votes even if he gets only 25 pct or so, but is in the lead in all of the districts.  A plurality, IOW.

those hybrid states where trump has a solid lead are SC, WV, IL, PA, IN, IL, and CA. He could take all the delegates in those states as long as he gets a plurality.

Also, FL, NJ, AZ and OH--they are winner take all. All he has to do is get a plurality in those states. And he is easily ahead in all of them.

Trump is leading and well ahead in states that make up two thirds or more of the population of the USA. Trump dominates in the south, the rust belt and the northeast corridor. That is the bulk of the population.

Trump is actually weak in the less populated states. He is also weak in IA and WI and MN. These are where the educated scandavians live. They are too nice to go for trump.

This race may come down to CA. He is in the lead there, and that is a hybrid state.

The media wants to hype IA, but IA does not decide the GOP winner in recent history. They are educated, religious and nice. Not trump's meat.

About 67 percent of the delegates are in winner take all or winner take most states:

Trump can win this.

why trump is a unique weapon

in another forum some poster spoke negatively of trump's inaccurate speech regarding mexicans and illegal immigration. This poster had some nit to pick about numerical accuracy or something.

Here is my response and my argument as to why the details of trump's arguments are not particularly important:

These details of trump's accusations regarding illegal alien rapists are meaningless...the important thing is that trump broke a major politically correct, media-enforced taboo when he said that a protected group (nonwhites) might not be saints, might not be holy-- I refer here to trump's statement about illegal alien rapists coming over the border.

You see, in order to maintain economic growth and corporate profits via mass immigration and integration of nonwhites into workplaces and neighborhoods, corp/gov/media needs to maintain the social status of nonwhites high and to denigrate and lower the social status of whites and in particular white males. Low social status of nonwhite and immigrants would be a barrier to maintaining mass immigration and to integrating these immigrants into workplaces and neighborhoods. If you cannot integrate these immigrants and nonwhites in general into workplaces and neighborhoods, then their economic value to corpgovmedia is greatly decreased. Remember that america is run as a human livestock operation, and in order to optimize profits, the livestock must be able to work and consume as much as possible. Thus, corpgovmedia has used its power to make it taboo to speak ill of nonwhites and immigrants as a group.

Thus, in effect, nonwhites and immigrants are Sacred Objects in american mainstream culture. One Must Not Speak Evil of Nonwhites as a group. That is the law. If thou breakest the law, the media shall punish thee and demonize thee, and thou shall wearest upon thy brow the Letter R, which standeth for Racist.

Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Racist To Exist! Apologies must be extracted.

This is the law.

By making nonwhites and immigrants into Sacred Objects, that impeded the ability of
white working class americans to speak out against mass immigration and its ill effects.

This is a societal taboo created and enforced by the elite institutions that control
america. This taboo impedes speech and will damage anyone who dares speak out against it.

Thus, corpgovmedia profits are ensured and the debt-based ponzi scheme that is our
economic system can continue. That growth due to immigration keeps the whole scheme afloat.

But trump doubled down and would not back down to the media bully boys and their corporate funders. Trump can defy these taboos because he is so rich he doesn't need their money. Also, trump's personal psychology is such that he seeks approval of the white working class majority and not the elite.

All other high level politicians seek the approval of elite thought-leaders and the rich.

Trump prefers the adulation and attention of the masses. He craves it.

This is a unique set of circumstances! A unique opportunity for the majority working class to stop the mass-immigration-fueled race to the bottom.

Trump is a weapon in our hands. Use him by giving him the adulation he craves.

The media is the enforcer of these taboos. Trump defied them! He said something about a group of nonwhites, and it was not PC-speak, and it hinted that The Nonwhites Are Not All Saints! Blasphemy! The media brought the torches and pitchforks, but trump defied them.

 Who cares about niggling details? Defying the taboos and standing up to corpgovmedia's bully boys is the main thing here.

You don't just STOP mass immigration. You must alter the mindset and free white american minds from the yoke of white race guilt propaganda.  The mind must first be freed, and the body will follow....

trump is leading the way...these niggling details matter not...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

a response to Matt Bai's article on Trump's appeal

Matt Bai wrote a decent but deeply flawed article on Trump here.
My response:

When it comes to describing trump's main appeal, this article comes  closer than anything else from mainstream media...but you have only come part of the way.

Acid disdain? Yes, certainly many of us feel that way about the media. But many of us also hate the media as an enemy that has declared war on us.

Let us start with the fundamentals--money. Money is really at the root of this war. The mainstream media gets its money from big corporations that buy ads. For the most part.  So the media culture and perspective is shaped by that dependency. The media is thus a spokeperson for the big corporations.

These corporations seek increased profits and economic growth. Lately, the major mechanism for this growth has been immigration, which is facilitated by anti-white multiculturalism. This anti-white multiculturalism engenders white race guilt in many americans. The mainstream media is a primary channel for this anti-white multiculturalism.

This anti-white multiculturalism helps facilitate mass immigration, which increases the supply of labor faster than the demand for labor, depressing wages and thus increasing profits. Also, immigration increases sales, which increases profits.

Higher profits means more money spent on ads in the media.

That is the root of the war on whites being wages by the media, the corporations, the government, academia, the entertainment industry, etc. The dissemination and propagation of anti-white multiculturalism by the media and these other powerful institutions constitute a war on the white working class of america.  What does anti-white multiculturalism do for those at the top of society? It allows these big corporations and rich people to overcome white working class resistance to mass immigration and the consequent degradation of american quality of life.  Anti-white multiculturalism gives rise to white guilt, which allows the manufacturing of consent for mass immigration and the use of cheap foreign labor to depress wages, along with increased economic growth via population growth.

The white working class is now beginning to understand that there is a war going on, a war being waged on them by the rich and powerful and their tools in the media.

And some of us are ready to fight this war. Trump is a first step in fighting back. Trump is a propaganda weapon in the hands of the white working class. Most politicians seek the approval of the rich and powerful. Trump is motivated by the adulation of the white working class. He is the propaganda weapon and the leader we so desperately need to fight back in this war on us.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The inflammatory clickbait media race war and financial survival

this Daily News article  is an inflammatory race-war clickbait article --it is calculated to arouse racial emotions in white and nonwhite readers. This technique is becoming more common on internet news site. Acommentor named Stewie Griffin addresses why this is happening:
“All the News can do these days to stay relevant is write inflammatory columns and headlines to get people to click and read. It’s the only way they can get any money to stay afloat.
What is so troubling to me is that the News claims it knows how to fix terrorism, the NRA, homeless and many other ills that affect Americans. Real important stuff … BUT THEN WHY CAN’T IT FIX ITS BALANCE SHEET TO MAKE A PROFIT? IT IS LOSING MONEY AND STAFFERS ARE QUITTING AND WALKING OUT IN DROVES.”
So true! The news media business model (including the NY Daily News and many other similar newspapers) has been so damaged by the internet that almost all the media outlets (other than TV) have had to become inflammatory clickbait factories. One of the best choices for inflammatory clickbait articles is racial tensions. In essence the news media has had to resort to promoting and developing a race war in order to get clicks and survive. TV news has not had to do this because the internet is not yet at the stage where it can compete with TV news. Now, as for computer geeks like me, I don’t even watch TV any more. But there is still a majority of americans who watch TV. And the really dominant media print outlets like NYT and WaPo etc are still strong enough to be able to avoid stirring up racial tensions via clickbait.
But as for most other media outlets, it comes down to either exploit racial tensions or shut down.
The ironic thing about this dynamic is that the media is hooked directly into corporate profits. The higher profits go, the more ads the corporations can buy in the media.
But this clickbait race-war model that is developing on print media websites is already stirring up a lot of backlash among whites. And whites still make up two thirds of america. The Trump phenomenon is partly fed by the media clickbait race war dynamic. When this white backlash comes to fruition it will shut down mass immigration, which will curtail corporate profits, which will kill off a lot of media outlets. Hoist on their own petard, etc.
Part of what is going on here is a financial war of attrition in the news media. Newspapers like the Daily News are struggling to survive on the internet. The best way to do that is inflammatory clickbait, and richest soil there is the race war, terrorism fear, etc. These once-haughty newspapers are now having to pander to the “base” instincts of whites who don’t like multiculturalism. They use this race war clickbait to inflame and outrage and get clicks.
You still have the big boys of the newspaper world that refuse to give in to this clickbait race war dynamic. NY Times WaPo et al are still solvent enough to toe the corporate line on anti-white multiculturalism, and they take the moderate, restrained, above it all approach…for the time being…and there are always billionaires willing to fund the continued dissemination of this pro-establishment propaganda.
But outlets like The Daily News –no rich savior in sight–are headed the way of Breitbart or Salon eventually. Choose a side and let the race war commence. The siren call of white readers will eventually send them that way. One by one, they come to that financial fork in the road.

why does obama excuse and rationalize immigrant violence? He is building team unity.

no, obama is simply acting in accordance with the dictates of the rich and powerful, and the big corporations. These are after all the same people and corporations that will be paying to obama some big bucks for his speeches and board director memberships once he leaves office. Haven't you figured it out yet?

Look, the USA is a livestock operation--the livestock are workers and consumers...the more workers and consumers there are in america, the higher corporate profits go. Corporate profits are very high right now. So obama is going to get big bucks for creating a sense of unity among the nonwhites and self-loathing whites. He is building team spirit--he is giving them an Emmanuel Goldstein to hate, and that unifies the nonwhites and self-loathing whites. The objective is to got more immigrants into america. More livestock. Higher profits. When obama rallies his team he builds unity towards the goal--increase immigration. He has to manufacture consent. Hence the demonization of the other side and the rationalization of anything bad that immigrants may do.

All for the goal of increasing profits, which he will get a cut of when he leaves office. It is a game of money. Follow the money.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

the archaeological establishment is reclassifying early primates as mankind in order to save the sacred 'out of africa' theory

we have all sorts of non-h0mo sapiens primates (man-apes) living in asia many hundreds of thousands of years ago (h0mo erectus, h0mo floresiensis, etc etc). These asian primates came to asia from africa a long long time ago.

Now, the mainstream theory is that about 60K or 70k years ago modern man came out of africa and spread all over the world and displaced these primitive man-apes. That 'out of africa' theory also satisfies the white guilt complex installed in most educated white by elite propaganda.

So the 'out of africa' theory is essentially a sacred part of the propaganda-based religion of educated whites.

Now recently we have new evidence of teeth from modern man in china that is over 100K years old. Oh, they say, NOW the diaspora happened over 100k years ago. Modern man still evolved in africa, they say. They cling to their religion. They adapt their theory to the evidence.

Now we also have new evidence that genes of modern asian man spread into africa. From asia into africa. Not out of africa, but into africa.

OK, here is what probably really happened (and what the evidence will finally show someday): that non-h0mo sapiens primates came out of africa a long time ago, maybe even a million years ago, or even more, and THEN evolved into modern man while in ASIA and not while in africa, and then spread back INTO africa. Out of africa as h0mo erectus (or homo habilis or whatever) and then evolved into h0mo sapiens in Asia, and then spread all over eurasia AND BACK INTO africa as modern man, h0mo sapiens. Modern africans are almost certainly a product of gene flow from asia.

But the priests of social science will not allow that to happen. They are already even now seeing what the evidence is going to show, and they are preparing for it. How? They are now preparing, laying the groundwork for rewriting the classifications of mankind and saying that earlier primates that were not previously called h0mo sapiens (e.g., erectus) will now be called just another form of modern man. They are already calling for the reclassification of erectus and habilis as just another form of h0mo sapiens.

Why? That way they can still adhere to the sacred 'out of africa' theology.

And again I ask--why am I the only person on earth to see this yet? What is so special about me? If I am really this smart (and it would that I do have something special), why aint I rich??

Friday, September 18, 2015

CorpGovMedia seeks out economic growth as a shark seeks out blood

CorpGovMedia uses mass immigration as a growth strategy:

See this news media article about how the refugees will help grow the German economy.

as technology cuts costs over time, inflation drops, and growth drops....CorpGovMedia is a machine that seeks out growth as a shark seeks out blood, as a mosquito seeks out warm bodies...because technology has depressed inflation and growth, along with lower birth rates, CorpGovMedia has turned to mass immigration for growth.

In order to manufacture consent for mass immigration, CorpGovMedia has created a decades-long propaganda campaign, implemented through the media, hollywood and the educational curriculum. This pro-immigration, anti-white, pro-nonwhite propaganda campaign is the defining event of our era.

Friday, September 11, 2015

the media/corporations fear Trump for how he counteracts their multiculturalist propagnada

the real value of trump is that he dares to speak ill of immigrants, and since most immigrants are nonwhite, he dares to speak ill of nonwhites. I refer to Trump's comments that illegals are raping, etc.

This anti-immigrant speech of his contradicts the long-dominant multiculturalist propaganda regime that was installed in american minds starting decades ago.

Perhaps the primary axiom of this multiculturalist propaganda regime is that Immigrants Are Good People.

This primary axiom is crucial in the process of manufacturing consent for mass immigration.

Forget the GOP. Forget the wall. Forget policy specifics. Forget conservatism.

That stuff is good window dressing, a distraction.

What really matters is attacking the primary axioms or tenets of the dominant propaganda regime. And Trump has done that. He has dared to insinuate that immigrants may not be Good People.

And he has done what no other prominent voice has dared to do--to go directly against the primary axiom of the multiculturalism-based growth scheme that the corporations/govt/media have crammed down our throats.
This is what really scares the big corporations and the media that is funded by them and that speaks for them.

This is why the media has savaged trump at every possible opportunity. It's not because they think he might build a wall. That is laughable. They fear him because he has a bully pulpit and he is damaging the grip of the multiculturalist propaganda that facilitates and enables the mass immigration growth machine that feeds corporate profits via flooding of the labor supply, wage depression and growth in consumer base.

This is the first battle we the white middle class have won in decades. And hopefully trump will get elected. You see, trump's value to us middle class whites is not what he might do in office, but what he might say during the campaign or while in office.

This whole multiculturalist propaganda regime depends on the integrity and dominance of the primary tenets of multiculturalism, and the most important one is that immigrants are good people. The regime has long pushed the subtextual idea that immigrants are sacred and holy. Trump threatens that depiction.

If trump can destroy that idea, then that is a major step towards breaking the grip of corp/gov/media.

And let's talk about immigrants and their personal qualities.

Yes, some immigrants are fine people. But many are not.

Consider the immigrant in his homeland. Perhaps the largest segment of immigrants are men who up and leave their families. Never see them or talk to them again. yeah....

Also many immigrants leave because they are failures in their homeland. One big reason they are failures there is because they are mentally off-kilter, unbalanced, or just a bad person. Or just greedy, lusting after money and riches. I would not call these people good people.

Some have criminal records.

The good ones succeed and fit in. The bad ones come here.
Immigrants are disproportionately bad people. Why? Because the good ones are much more likely to stay at home, to succeed, to fit in.

This is the truth, at least to some degree.

But what is important here is that the media/academia/hollywood shove another viewpoint down our throats--that immigrants are totally good. Even sacred and holy.

That is what I am talking about---this disconnect between reality and the propaganda regime.

And it is all done in the name of corporate profits.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

are you a BadWhite or a GoodWhite?

and ne'er the twain shall meet....

Interesting and far-ranging article by The Derb over on Vdare.

A quote:
The Narrative, capital “N,” is the mental picture of the world cherished by the Goodwhite side in the Cold Civil War against Badwhites. A core component of the Narrative is that Badwhites are full of malice towards blacks, and are always seeking ways to harm them. They lurk around in dark places, nursing their guns—and probably their Bibles, too—just waiting for a black victim to come by.

The thing about the current American Narrative is that it is so similar to the narratives of history that were crammed down the throats of the populace during earlier fascist regimes--Nazi germany, Hirohito Japan, Stalin USSR, Mussolini Italy. Heck, even the Manifest Destiny narrative from 19th century america.The thing about the current American Narrative is that it is so similar to the narratives of history that were crammed down the throats of the populace during earlier fascist regimes--Nazi germany, Hirohito Japan, Stalin USSR, Mussolini Italy. Heck, even the Manifest Destiny narrative from 19th century america.

People are run by propaganda. The regime gets into the heads of young people and thus enables and manufactures consent for policies that benefit the elite years down the road. It's like domesticating cattle.

When you write the program that runs a person, you own that person. The regime bought that person with propaganda.

And what you own always comes back to the child come back to the parent.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

maybe trump IS a narcisscist...OK, fine. Actually, maybe that is a Good Thing

Over on Real Clear Politics, some halfwit journalist is regurgitating one of the media's talking points regarding Trump, namely that he has a personality disorder, in this case, narcisscism.

OK, as a trump supporter, I concede your point.
Maybe Trump's a Narcissist. Fine.
Here is the important thing about that:
We trump supporters don't care what sort of personality disorder trump has. He could be a psychopath, and we would not care a bit.

As long as trump is beating up on Corp/Gov/Media, we love him.

In fact, if trump does have a personality disorder that drives him to say what he says, maybe that is something we of the white working class can use.

If he were to send his bodyguard to physically ATTACK journalists at press conferences, we would cheer.

The more he abuses the media and the establishment, the more his polls numbers climb.

Trump is a weapon. And we, the white working class, we gonna use him....BIG TIME.

The corporate media has been attacking whites for decades now.

Guess what, sweetie? Time to pay the piper. And Trump gonna collect.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Comparison/contrast between the Dylann Roof church shooting and the Virginia newscaster Vester Flanagan shooting

this Vester Flanagan shooting and the church shooting by Roof are both manifestations of a propaganda war that has been going on for decades and which has gone into exponential growth mode since the election of obama.

I call this propaganda war "anti-white multiculturalism."

This started decades ago, and it was born of the upper class/corporate desire for more cheap labor and for growth in consumer base. This "overclass" wanted to bring nonwhites and immigants into american workplaces and neighborhood and thus increase the supply of workers and consumers.

But the white working class culture was an obstacle to this inclusion on nonwhites and immigrants.

So this overclass started a propaganda campaign, a war, actually, to destroy the white working class culture that prevented economic growth via inclusiveness combined with mass immigration.

This all started decades ago, and the propaganda was generated and spread primarily via grant money given to the "right kind" of writers, activists, and academics. Eventually this overclass money changed the culture, creating anti-white multiculturalism.

This anti-white multiculturalism shapes worldviews and psychology.

Most people can handle the cognitive dissonance generated by the difference in what anti-white multiculturalism tells us and what we see in the world.

Antiwhite multiculturalism tells us that whites and bad and blacks are good. Roof however was exposed to evidence counteracting that. A lot of white ameicans know this, but they develop various psychological devices to handle this cognitive dissonance.

Dylann Storm Roof could not handle the cognitive dissonance, and his psychological compensation devices were destroyed by exposure to evidence of this war on whites.

So Roof was really fighting back against the overclass.

This black newscaster in virginia was really triggered by the recent white-race-guilt news media events, specifically Trayvon/zimmerman/ferguson etc.

The media has been so warped by decades of anti-white multiculturalism propaganda that it has created these travesties of white race guilt and by doing so they have wound up any number of psychologically unstable blacks like this newscaster. And another factor is that this newscaster probably got by in his career because of affirmative action. At least until his psychological state deteriorated.

In Roof and this newscaster we have two different types of victims in a way. Roof, his psychological compensations destroyed by evidence counteracting the anti-white multiculturalism crammed into his brain, was triggered into action by anger at his own victimization.

The virginia newscaster Vester Flanagan was told over and over by the media, at least subtextually, that he was being victimized by white racism and that it was OK to fight back against it in any manner. That is the subtextual message that has been transmitted by these media white race guilt travesties like Trayvon/zimmerman et al.

These media travesties are virtually baseless and without real worth, and yet the media is telling blacks (subtextually) that they are evidence of widespread persecution and bias. This sends the message that any sort of action against whites is morally OK.

it is ironic that the media killed their own here. The media wound up Flanagan with their anti-white propaganda, and then he went and killed him some journalists. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trump talks about immigration with a vocabulary and cadence that speaks to the majority bloc. And The Establishment fears that.

Trump is a propaganda weapon.

I support trump not for what I think he will do in office, but for what I think he will say while campaigning and while in office if elected.

This culture is shaped by propaganda. And the culture affects behavior and policies.

Corp/Gov/Media has used propaganda to shape the culture and manipulate the populace, lo, these many years.

Now we have a propaganda weapon of our own, a loose cannon of propaganda who is able to counter Corp/Gov/Media's elite-centric propaganda with counter-propaganda slanted to the majority working class interests.

And it is not just WHAT he says, but how he says it. His language moves the political debate into the domain of the average person.

Corp/Gov/Media prefers to keep the political discussions bloodless and dispassionate, couched in the language of academia and bureaucracy, the better to leave the populace disinterested and not voting and not discussing and not talking about these populist issues.

When trump talks about immigration, he does it in a way that threatens to arouse and inflame the emotions of the majority working class bloc.

His vocabulary and rhetoric speak to the majority bloc.

If this bloc ever gets aroused and angry, Corp/Gov/Media will take some damage.

This war is being fought with memes/propaganda. We have been on the losing end for so long. But it is not hard to see that Corp/Gov/Media fears that trump is and will say things that counter the propaganda of Corp/Gov/Media .

Sunday, August 9, 2015

During the GOP debate Jeb Bush stated that immigration should be considered as a driver for economic growth. ...

Take a look at these two youtube links to what Jeb Bush said about illegal immigration during the August GOP debate

In both of these GOP debate statements Bush gives a statement that perfectly encapsulates the mainstream consensus wisdom on immigration, both legal and illegal--it is a driver for economic growth.

Now, the Dissident Right believes that the establishment just wants to make the Democratic party more powerful by getting more democratic voters. Who are these idiots?

Immigration is favored by the establishment, by the media, by Big Business, etc as a source of economic growth. And right here in front of you is the ultimate establishment candidate saying just that.

Do I have to keep saying this again and again?

Mass immigration and its cousin multiculturalism is all about economic growth.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

why erickson & redstate rejected trump

erickson knows that the establishment is desperate to hurt trump, and of course erickson wants to promote his site, redstate, and he knows that if he rejects trump the establishment will reward him with free media publicity.

Free media publicity is a huge part of how the establishment shapes and molds the public debate and the rules of behavior in our culture. It is the carrot and the stick. Those who transgress and threaten the establishment's supply of immigrant workers and consumers will get the stick, and those who play along, some of them will get the carrot of free media publicity.

Trump is so rich, egotistical and narcissistic that he cares little for either the carrot or the stick.

Trump is a potential propaganda-weapon to be wielded by the working class against the establishment and its propaganda enforcers in the corporate media.

Friday, July 31, 2015

sanders & trump both use a "limited stalking horse" to walk a fine line on immigration.

both trump and sanders have taken brilliant approaches to denouncing immigration via a limited stalking horse.

Trump is using criminal illegals to denounce immigration, via this limited stalking horse that is hard to deem as racist. After all, there is a heck of a lot of evidence that has already seeped into the consciousness of the white middle class, evidence that foreigners DO indeed commit a lot of crimes.

And Sanders is denouncing immigration but limiting his attacks to 'open borders.' After all, very few "nice white middle class americans" would say that open borders is good.

The key to both these approaches is to attack immigration and defy the media via an attack that cannot really be successfully characterized by the media as racist.

Once the media can convince "nice white middle class americans" that you are a racist, you are doomed.

By defying the media on immigration, both sanders and trump are attracting a group of high-information, keenly aware americans who think mass immigration is bad. This group of high-information voters can provide an early campaign boost.

The key to this strategy is to use a limited stalking horse that cannot be used by the media to demonize you as racist. Once the media can successfully characterize you as racist, you have lost most of the "nice white middle class americans."

This group of "nice white middle class americans" is much larger that the high-information anti-immigration voters, the ones who can boost your campaign early. You want to attract the high-information, activist voters by defying the media on immigration and at the same time not lose the "nice white middle class americans" by saying something that could be construed as racist.

It's a fine line they both walk.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The forgetten history of race riots and labor economics

oh, look, yet another "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" Modern Race Relations for Dummies article from the Dissident Right.In this article you correctly note that anti-white multiculturalism has been crammed down our throats in school for decades now. Great of you to notice that. And you noted that whites are not allowed to have racial consciousness. Yup. That be the truth, all right.

This anti-white multiculturalism is all part of a radical change in american culture. But why did this happen? Where did it come from?

Large scale radical change does not happen at random. There are always reasons why these things happen.

The fatal flaw of the Dissident Right is that they are not allowed to notice certain aspects of history.  Really, this is a taboo. The Dissident Right has a taboo about asking 'why' things happen.

It is taboo for liberals to notice that blacks are violent towards whites or that blacks are the most violent race on this planet.

But the Dissident Right has its taboos as well. Economics racial history and historical perspective is taboo when it comes to the Dissident Right. It's like all those old race riots from the 1800s have been wiped from the history books. Where is this economics-based racial history? It is sorely needed now. Why? Perspective.

Because the history of the american racial labor conflict is taboo on the Dissident Right. All we are allowed to do on the Dissident Right is get our "two minute hate" on regarding liberals and blacks. We are forbidden to ask why or to put anti-white multiculturalism into perspective. Perspective. Such an important word.

The Dissident Right (and the Establishment Right and the standard mainstream liberal doctrine) have all crammed our racial economics history down the memory hole. Forbidden stuff! Taboo!

Go and google this phrase: Mass racial violence in the United States.

You will get a wikipedia article. That is a very important article. That article will lead you down a path of history that has been avoided and forgotten by both the mainstream and dissident right.

Study that article and the history it talks about. Study it well. Research the race riots it discusses. Those race riots it talks about contain the key to understanding why anti-white multiculturalism happened, about why white kids in america know much more about black history than white history, and why Dylann Roof did what he did. And that forgotten history contains a key to understanding why the Dissident Right has a taboo about Noticing Economics-Based Racial History.

Perspective. Once you read and understand that forgotten racial economics-based history, you can put this anti-white multiculturalism into historical perspective.

What is the gist of what we can glean from that wikipedia page? Answer: whites citizens of america have a long history of fighting to defend their economic turf from competing sources of labor, including blacks and immigrants.
That's right--Fighting. Fighting to defend our turf, fighting to keep out cheap black labor and cheap immigrant labor.

And who wanted that cheap labor? Answer: those who buy labor. Who buys labor? The upper class and corporations.

So that is an insight for you into the forgetten history of america. It's still there. But they don't really teach or emphasize that aspect of history. Instead, our schools emphasize the cruelty of white racism and slaveowning.

Perspective. It all depends on perspective.

So back when a man provided for his family with his strong back, white americans fought to defend their economic turf and keep out competitors. But the schools today don't really teach that paradigm. They don't like to tell us about Capital versus Labor when it comes to race.

The upper class and the corporations that bought labor in the 1800s were also fighting against white americans. They fought to bring in cheap nonwhite and foreign labor. White americans were able to use jim crow and other political solutions to keep out cheap labor, at least to some degree.

Then other changes took place in america. White collar work became more important. Education was necessary. But previously education has been primarily the domain of the upper class exclusively, of Capital. Higher education was a creation of, for and by the upper class, Capital, those who bought. As time went on, of course, the vast majority of college students were of the white working class. But the character and perspective of higher education is still based primarily on the perspective of Capital, those who buy labor.

Looking back 100 years or more, how does the perspective of Capital towards cheap nonwhite and immigrant labor differ from the perspective of the white majority working class?

The white workers saw the outsiders, the blacks and immigrants, as intruders, stealing the bread from the mouths of their families.

Capital, on the other hand, those who bought labor, saw cheap black and immigrant labor as a boon, as putting bread into their families' mouths.

Different perspectives that are based on different and adversarial personal interests.

So, advances in technology made white collar work and college education more widespread. But college was the creation of the upper class, and of course its perspectives were those of the upper class.

So do you think higher education would portray nonwhites and immigrants as good or bad?

So do you think you now see why our current educational curriculum is slanted towards portraying whites in general as the devils of history?

Do you now understand why we are told these things in school about our history?

Do you see why the upper class has cherry picked history to present a certain perspective?

Do you see why white guilt puts money into the wallets of Capital?

You get to them young and you own them for life. With a few exceptions.